My three favourite texts

These are the three texts os mine that I liked the most:

1. I’m really content with how this poem turned out as I think it accurately illustrates the situation in countries like Syria at the moment:

2. My text on “sharing and caring” was fun to write and I could get all my views and opinions across in less than 190 words.

3. Probably my favourite text this semester was my first chapter for the worst case scenario. There were no restrictions and I could let my creativity flow to create a text, that I personally enjoyed a           lot.

The Internet: a blessing

It has become a constant in our life’s, for many even a necessity: the Internet. But just how did it all start?

As the 1980s neared their inevitable end, a historic invention was made in 1989 at CERN in Switzerland, an invention that would go on to revolutionise the way we share information forever, that would have a lasting influence on society as a whole: the World Wide Web. 

By many seen as the most important invention since the book print, the WWW, more commonly called the Internet, is the brainchild of Briton Tim Berners-Lee, by trade physicist and informatician. In 1991, he decided to grant the public access to what was originally developed as an intranet for CERN. At the time, he never imagined the sheer magnitude this idea would grow to, and so did everybody else. 

The Internet is the main reason, why information technology has prospered over the last twenty years and continues to do so. Like-minded people could now make contact and share ideas much easier, increasing the pace at which exciting new discoveries and innovations were made, a trend that will hopefully continue to enrich our lives.

This is my Flagship Text

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